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Related article: Date: Tue, 3 Nov 2009 17:34:57 -0800 (PST)
From: Liam
Subject: Experiments in Tree Hill Ch. 1 One Tree Hill and it's characters are copyrighted by Warner
brothers Television, The Cw, and Tollin/Robbins Productions. The story is
completely fictional and its not intended to imply anything about their
true sexuality hence I have never personally met lolitas jovencitas videos x them. This story contains
Gay Intercourse between half brothers, do not keep reading if it offends
you.-The Story takes place before Nathan and Lucas Scott became Friends- I am Lucas Scott, I live in Tree Hill. I have a half brother named Nathan
and he is a real asshole, we have the same father, a father that I never
spend time with thank god. I made the basketball team, lolita top sites russian
something that
really ticks Nathan slash my half brother. I am in health class and we are
learning about the male and female reproductive system, I hate being in
this class for 3 simple reasons. 1. All the girls blush when they talk
about the females 2. Nathan is in this class 3. Talking about the
reproductive system of a female really turns me on. Today I got a boner
while they were showing a picture of a pussy, I'm glad that they didn't ask
me to go up there and fill in one of the blank spots with its name,
Everybody would have laughed at me. The teacher said that we are going to
partner up for a class project that was due tomorrow, we had to make a
poster with consequences of unprotected sex and what we can do to prevent
diseases. The teacher was starting to partner up the students. I really was
hoping for her to partner me up with Peyton Sawyer the girl that I like,
unfortunately she hates me but I love to tick her off or Haley James my
best friend. The teacher came up to me and said Nathan Scott, FUCK! why
him! out of the 20 kids in the classroom why does it have to be him? My
life sucks. The bell rang and I headed out of class."We are doing this stupid project and then I leave ok!" Nathan commanded."Why don't I just do it myself?""I'm not stupid I know you'll rat me out to the teacher""Fine then Let's do it at my house at 8?""Whatever" he said, then left. He was an ass how can we both be related? Oh
yeah my father is an ass as well.*** It was 8:14 and Natnan wasn't here, I had started the project all
that was needed to be done was glue some things and the hot lolitas non nude essay. I wondered
if he was going to show up since it was raining really hard outside. I went
to open the door after someone knocked and it was nathan soaked in his
basketball outfit."Let's get things done fast, I already did the stupid essay" he said."Ok" I responded. There wasn't much talking until he brought out a condom."Your seriously not going to put a condom on the board are you?" I asked."No, I'm going to put it on myself" He answered back sarcastically while
stapling the condom into the poster."They really need to make one 2 times the size of this for it to fit me
well" He commented."Don't you mean 2 times smaller?""Whatever, I bet mine is way bigger than yours anyways." He shot back."Ha, you wish""Fine let's see, shall we?" he offered. I did not know what to say he was
asking if I wanted to see his cock and at the same time asking to see mine?"What?""What? you're afraid that what I said was true aren't you?" he teased."No! I am just not going to show you my Penis you perv.""Afraid?""No! fine I'll do it." I offered. I was afraid of everything going even
more weird than what it already is. He took his jersey off and pulled his
shorts down."We are brothers after all!" he said."Why did you take you shirt off? " I asked."Because its wet and its cold, I want to prove that I'm right!" I took off
my plain white tee and unbuttoned my jeans and pulled them down. I then
headed to lock the door of my room just incase my mother desided to close
early the Cafe."Ready?" he asked."Go!" I said. We both stripped our boxers down and there it was. His cock
not hard but it looked about 3 inches it was uncut. Mine was 4 when not
hard also uncut. Our Cocks weren't cut but it didn't cover the whole head
of the penis it looked more like in between."Ha I told you!" I shouted. He then started to rub himself."What the fuck are you doing!" I shouted."What you really don't think that you can see the size when its not even
hard!" I did not know what was going on. He hates me, I hate him but he
still is going to jerk himself in front of me? He was getting off to the
picture of the pussy. I started to jerk off too just so I wouldn't look
stupid and then we were both rock hard. Wow his had to be about 7inches
when I was about 6 1/2."You were saying?" he teased."That has to be about 1/2 an inch more""It still brother incest lolita bbs is bigger""By half an inch!" I argued."It's still bigger!, well I'm going to jerk until I cum do you have some
porn?" he asked."What, why?""Because I am not leaving with a boner!" I hated to admit it but I agreed
with him, leaving with a boner can be irritating and uncomfortable so I
turned the TV to a channel that my mother did not know we got."Girls gone wild? Alright!" He cheered with amusement.He was jerking his cock not slow but not too fast, and I couldn't help but
looking. It was turning russian free lolita galleries
me on a lot, my boner just stood there rock hard. I
was not gay, I have never thought of a guy like that so why am I so turned
on. He looked and smiled."You can't believe that mine is longer" he mocked."Well mine is thicker" I mocked as well. He stared into my eyes while
thinking of a comeback but I had gotten him there, Mine was thicker than
his not a big free jp lolita pics difference but still thicker. All of a sudden our lips were
together. He pushed me back."What The Fuck!" He shouted."What?" I asked in confusion."Why did you kiss me you little fag!""I didn't kiss you, you kissed me!""No, I did not you dumbass! Your Gay!""No I'm not I swear. I wasn't even paying attention!""I'm going to tell everyone at school!" He threatened and got up as I
pulled him back down."No your not because then I'll tell everyone that you let me do this!" I
grabbed his cock and started to jerk him off hard."What the hell!""I'm not gay Nathan but if you tell everyone that I am I'll tell them that
you are too for letting me jerk you off" I threatened back. He started to
brethe heavier."Stop! I'm not gay! but it feels kind of good.""Really?" I asked."What do you mean, your the one who is doing it haven't you done it
before?" He asked."Hell No! I'm not gay." I answered him "But I am kind of curious now that
you said it does." After I said that he grabbed my cock and started going
up and down slowly and I let out a small moan, he was right it did feel
good then he started to go faster and it turned me on even more. I pushed
his hand off and got on my knees and started to suck his cock off. I licked
his head and tasted his precum it wasn't the best flavor but I was so
turned on that it didn't even matter all I wanted was his lips on my
cock. I figured that if I sucked his cock he might do the same to me so I
went for it. I started taking his cock down into my mouth it was more than
half way in and I started to go up and down. I started going faster and
faster he started to moan louder and louder."Fuck, You suck better than peyton!, Keep going slut! suck that fucken cock
you damn bastard! GO GO GO Uuhh uhh yeaah yeah uh yeah ah ahh ahh fuck!
deepthroat that shit slut!" he commanded. I sucked him for about 10
minutes. Then lolita top sites russian
started to thrust his hips pushing his cock into my throat I
felt like if I was going to gag I couldn't wait for me to do the same to
him and then all of a suddent he pulled out and started to jerk."Im cumming im cumming where where?" he asked. I didn't know where either
then cum started to fall over my face, something I didn't want! "FUCK FUCK
UGHHHHHHHHHH UHHHHH UHHHHHHHHHH!" He moaned while spills of white cum
landed on my face. Then he fell back on the bed landing lolita girl nude models in out project."SHIT!" I said. "You better have not messed it up!" he then sat down and
got his clothes and started to dress himself."Well, thank you, you slut since we are done here I'll see you tomorrow" he
said and started to walk towards the door."What the fuck! what about me!" I shouted."What about you?""I only sucked you so you could of sucked me back" I complained. He started
to laugh."You really thought that by sucking me until I cummed was goin to make me
do the same?" He laughed again and left. I was screwed, I did all that for
nothing. Deffinetly the worst thing I have done. I started to jerk off to
the sound of his moans in my head until I cummed all over my body. I laid
down for a couple of minutes then went into a shower and then got dressed
and put the project away, I was just scared that he would tell everyone
that I was gay. I'm not gay or at least I wasn't, am I now? I did like it,
I'm not going to lie to myself. But I still like girls. Bi perhaps? I don't
know...Want more... Another chapter? Email at to leave
feedback or ask for another chapter, make sure to add what you want to read
next. Hope you guys liked it! Also If you want another artist or
celebrities together in a different story feel free to request. Make sure
to have a subject on your emails. Example "Re: One Tree Hill, or
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